ecobee Smart Thermostats

ecobee’s mission is to help homeowners conserve energy, save money and reduce their environmental impact. Our green automation platform sits at the convergence of energy conservation, green technology, the networked home and consumer electronics. Our products automate energy conservation, making it easier to save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

We deliver intelligent conservation solutions for real people – people with children to raise, housework to do, hectic schedules to keep and demanding careers to sustain. ecobee is part of an international ground swell empowered by the realization that we need to take action on the environment, and the time to take that action is now. Our products and services are developed with care, innovation and attention to detail.

They have a real and meaningful impact on our customers and their communities. For assistance in locating a local ecobee installer contact us at 1-800-665-3336

  • ecobee SMART
  • Connected to you, your home and your environment.
    • WiFi Enabled
    • Mobile App & Web Portal
    • 7 day programming
    • 365 day scheduling
    • Full-color LCD touch screen
    • Historical System Review
    • Reminders & alerts on screen or via email
    • Installer programmable options
    • Outdoor temperature detection
    • 3 year warranty
  • ecobee 3
  • The smarter wi-fi thermostat with remote sensor.
    • WiFi Enabled
    • Mobile App & Web Portal
    • Historical System Review
    • Reminders & alerts on screen or via email
    • 3 year warranty
  • ecobee G
  • The Superior Geothermal Thermostat.
    • Compatible with WaterFurnace geothermal Units
    • Same features as the ecobee SMART
    • Alerts you to WaterFurnace equipment lockouts
    • Adds many more features than your typical geo stat.
    • Only available through Eden Energy
  • ecobee SMART EMS and RSM
  • Complete automation for commercial and residential.
    • Commercial Energy Management System
    • Manage remote buildings, offices, etc.
    • Monitor equipment run times and alerts.
    • Monitor, temps, dry contacts, C02, Humidity & More.
    • Program & Manage 100's of thermostats with one click.
    • Unparalleled value.