Efficient solutions for warmth and comfort

The right temperature and optimal room climate are important factors when it comes to ensuring comfort inside a building, whether you live or work there. Both are possible with modern building services that allow reliable and efficient distribution of water.

Wilo offers a wide variety of intelligent Commercial and Residential pumps and systems to make users' everyday lives simply more pleasant. Their energy-efficient solutions are not only suitable for single-family and two-family homes, they are ideal for public and commercial properties as well. Wilo pumps are used in heating (including underfloor heating systems), solar and geothermal energy systems, potable and hot water supply, and air-conditioning and cooling technology.

Product highlights:

  • Stratos ECO16
  • Award-winning standard for high-efficiency residential circulators.
    • Patent-pending 360° Flange rotates to 12/6or 3/9 o’clock positions
    • Installable hi-temp check valve included
    • ECM technology for up to 80% energy savings (compared to an uncontrolled circulator)
    • Max. wattage 59, min. wattage 5.8 (115v)
    • Automatically adjusts to system demands
    • Cast Iron Volute
    • Flows up to 14 USGPM
    • Heads up to 16 feet
    • No more over-pumped, noisy zones
    • Optional night setback on all models
    • De-Blocking/Anti-seizing function
    • Easy wiring quick connectors
    • Easy set-up (set p-v in feet of head via red button)
    • Max. temp 230°F, min. temp 60°F
    • Highest starting torque in the industry!
  • Star S33 FC
  • Cast iron body for hot-water heating systems of all kinds.
    • Stainless Steel Shaft
    • Quick Connect Wiring
    • Fits All Competitor’s Models
    • Powerful Starting Torque
    • Ultra Quiet
    • Reliable Wet Rotor Technology
    • Installable Check Valve
    • Automatically Vented
    • Selectable 3-Speed Operation
    • Cast Iron Volue
    • Single Phase, 115v, 60Hz
    • Max Flow: 33 USGPM
    • Max Head: 33 Feet
    • Fluid Temp Range: 32°F-230°F (0°C-110°C)
    • Max Operating Pressure: 145 PSI